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The brand OKDEALS is a new brand in USPTO,and protect for :Audio speakers; batteries; battery chargers; camera cases; camera mounts and supports; carrying cases for cell phones; cell phone cases; computer carrying cases; computer mouse; data cables; earphones; electric cables; electric navigational instruments; headphones; headsets for cellular or mobile phones; headsets for use with computers; keyboards; laptop carrying cases; power supplies; power supply connectors and adaptors for use with portable electronic devices; protective covers and cases for tablet computers; speakerphones; stands for personal digital electronic devices, namely, cell phones, tablet computer, laptops; USB cables; video recorders; wearable digital electronic devices comprised primarily of software and display screens for viewing, sending and receiving texts, emails, data and information from smart phones, tablet computers and portable computers and also featuring a wristwatch; wireless cellular phone headsets; wireless indoor and outdoor speakers and so on.
Company Address:shandongsheng liaochengshi
                                   dongchang fuqu xinqu banshichu jianshexilu 60hao
                                    liaocheng shandong
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Phone: +86 155 4522 9004